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My portrait of Groot after seeing the Guardians of the Galaxy film. This is the first in a series of portraits I plan on creating, capturing the characters from the story.

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Thank you :)

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Check out the FIRST little league baseball player of ANY gender or race to make the cover of Sports Illustrated. Go, Mo’ne!

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Lemme see some I.D.

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How do I put into words the joy I feel over Rock Lee as a clementine… There are no words.

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This is some epic DVD cover art ~

'Course anything with Gaara on it is instantly amazing anyway

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Where does the smell of rain come from?

If you said “from the sky,” then congratulations! You are hilarious. But it’s a lot more interesting than that. The pungent perfume that accompanies rainstorms carries special chemical signatures, some born from lightning, some from deep within the soil.

And beyond just being pleasant and nostalgic, those smells are actually useful to some living things, such as telling plants when it’s time to grow, guiding camels across the desert, and even signaling some fish when it’s time to get “romantic”. 

Take a big whiff, because there’s a science storm a-comin’!

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i drew the baby bird \ ;v; / 
and i’m just trying a lot of stuff and messing around i have no idea what im doing anymore but i like it i guess??? OTL

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